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ROLEX New Datejust 41 RO0147

2020 new date just 41mm men's wristwatch upgrade arrival [color] official synchronous original hot sale, 41mm watch diameter is more era official update, suitable for the public size! "Once and for all" is waiting for you

Highlight 1: continue to adhere to the ys factory new West rail movement, ex factory movement testing, adjustment! Appearance details synchronous original genuine! True internal and external cultivation

Highlight 2: original consistent factory accessories, exclusive customized three code in one, that is: wrist watch number, ID card, bar code plate model, number consistent, and no repetition [strong]

Highlight 3: modify the 41mm official synchronous original buckle and polish the five bead watch chain parts! Truly build a low price Xi'an iron city with the quality standard of large factories

Highlight 4: Tiaodeng scale continues to be filled with high efficiency, super strength and lasting luminous powder from ys factory, and luminous quality is comparable to the original! The face plate is exquisitely made, and the font, scale and details are all from the factory process, which is comparable to the original [strong]

Highlight 5: scratch resistant sapphire crystal glass mirror, anti reflective convex magnifying (2.5 digit) calendar window, synchronous Original magnification, clear and transparent reading time and calendar

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